High School Certificate / A levels
(secondary school)

Bischöfliches Willigis-Gymnasium

Degree in Medicine



The Faculty of Medicine of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Institute for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Prof. Dr. D. Eißner – Prof. Dr. K. Hahn – Prof. Dr. J. Tröger

"Definition of standard values for scintimetry in the Evaluation of Bone Scintigraphy in children"

Hospital for Sick Children

David L.Gilday, MD, FRCPC - Judith M. Ash, MD, FRCPC
Toronto - Canada
Medical training at Department of Nuclear Medicine

General medical practice

Dr. H. Neufeld
Assistant Doctor

Paediatric practice

Dr. W. Callensee and Dr. A. Ermert
Assistant Doctor

Frankfurt Airport

Department of Occupational Medicine
and Airport Clinic
Assistant Doctor

Clinic for Heart and Circulatory Diseases

Dr. M. Keck
Bad Münster a. Stein
Assistant Physician, Company Doctor
Member of the staff council

BASF Ludwigshafen

Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Zober
Department of Occupational Medicine
Company Medical Officer

Deutsche Post AG World Net

Chief Medical Officer

Practice for Conventional and Complementary - Alternative Medicine

Registered doctor in private practice since 2002


  • Anti-Aging Doctor
  • Assessment of causal relationships in occupational medicine - certified occupational medicine expert
    German Society of Occupational Medicine
    and Environmental Medicine
    Prof. Dr. Borsch-Galetke, Prof. Dr. Nowak, Prof. Dr. Woitowitz
  • Arcon Functional Testing
    Applied Rehabilitation Concepts, Williamsburg, USA
  • Auditor
    Nigel Bauer - in conjunction with TÜVmed + GQB
  • Authorization to the training Pathophysiognomik and Radiästhesie
    acc. Natale Ferronato
  • Ayurvedic Diagnostic Techniques
    Mahindra Institut
    Dr. Hans H. Rhyner
  • Authorization for examinations according to
    Guidelines G2-G46 for Occupational Medical Examinations
    Ordinance on Biological Agents (BioStoffV)
    Ordinance on Hazardous Substances (GefStoffV)
    X-Ray protection regulations
    and Radiation Protection Ordiance (RöV/StrlSchV)
    Examination for scuba diving fitness
    and Compressed Air regulations (DruckluftV §13)
  • Face Reading in Chinese Medicine
    College of Integrated Chinese Medicine


  • Authorization for Radiation protection examinations
    according to paragraph §64 StrlSchV and §41 RöV
  • Certificate of skill in radiation protection
    Open radioactive materials, diagnostic investigation
  • Lasertherapy
    European Forum for Lasertherapy and Fraktale Medicine
  • Diploma Mesotherapy and Medical aesthetics
    German Society for Mesotherapy
    Dr. B. Knoll
  • NPSO - Therapist
    New selective pain and organ therapy
    Rudolf Siener Foundation
  • Traffic medicine qualification
  • Certificate Chinese Diagnostics and Physiology
    SMS - Societas Medicinae Sinensis
    as well as further education in TCM with Prof. Dr. med. Hempen
  • Certificates Travel Medicine and Work stay
    in the tropics and subtropics

    Forum Travel and Medicine
    German Society for Travel Medicine
    German Society for Tropical Medicine and International Health
  • Certified Energy Therapist
    International Society Psychosomatic Energetics